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best gk book for competitive exam

Best Gk Book for Competitive exams in Hindi

Hello Job seekers Are you searching the best gk books for competitive exams ? so this article is very helpful for you .

Do you want to know abouth the which gk book is easy good and memorable and you want to know the which Gk book cover all the topics which is essential for your competitive exam like history, geography, science etc.

So check all this book which is given below and judge the best book for you and buy now day so many book available on offline market and online market.they all confused you so before purchasing real all the details of best gk book for your competitive exam than buy.

General knowledge is most common part of all competitive exams and Interview .they cover the various variety of subject example science, art, history , geography, literature,politics,finance, and other so many subject have included on gk portion.

In this situation student facing hard to learn so many book in one we suggest you many book who have cover all the subjects in one book so connect with this article and read all the best gk book for competitive exam in hindi.

So now lets start the all best gk book detail reviews.

1. Lucent's Samanya Gyan Best Gk Book

It’s one of the most popular bookss for gk

This book is a gathering of general information points and other necessary data that help the understanding the world in a superior manner. It goes about as an overall reference material just as aids groundwork for serious assessments. The issue of this book is sharp and agglomerated efficiently for better comprehension of understudies. it is teamed up so that the understudy might get the greatest data about a specific theme at one spot.


It covers history, biology, chemistry, polity, economy, geography, computer, geography,   & other various miscellaneous topics. and this book is very helpful for all UPSC, SSC, PSC, Banking, Railway, & Other competitive exams.

Product Specification

  1. Author-Sing Sk
  2. Language- Hindi
  3. Publisher-Lucent
  4. Edition 2020,2003
  5. Publication Year-2003

2. India Samanya Gyan 2021 Hindi Book

Whether you’re checking out Hindi Samanya Gyan 2021 Or Hindi Samanya Gyan 2022, This Hindi GK Book Is Suitable For You Because All the knowledge Provided during this GK Book Is Accurate And Up so far.

 The Content Provided during this Hindi public knowledge 2021 Book you can’t Find In the other Hindi public knowledge Book Because we’ve Made This public knowledge Book After such a lot of Research That This GK Book Took such a lot Longer Time to create.

This book is very helpful for preparing for so many competitive exams like

  • UPSC
  • RRB
  • B.Ed.

Product Specification

  1. Author-JB press
  2.  Language- Hindi
  3. Publisher-JBC Press
  4. Publication Year-25 July 2021

3.Lucent General Knowledge English

The subject matter of this book is comprehensive, thoroughly informative, and really useful. and this book is very informative and helpful for all reader who  prepares any competitive exam example  

  1. UPSC Civil Services,
  2. CDS,
  3. NDA
  4. CAT
  5. MAT
  6. SSC
  8. SCRA
  9. Bank P.O./T.O.
  10. RBI Officers
  11. CLA
  12. MBA
  13. BBA
  14. MCA,
  15. BCA
  16. State Public Service Commission exams
  17. Railway Recruitment Boards (RRBs)
  18. entrance examinations etc. in particular. 
  • 1st Chapter- The first chapter describes Indian History through the ages from the ancient period to the Modern period with an approach suitable for the examinees of various competitive examinations.
  • 2nd Chapter -The second chapter throws light on the planet History through the ages from the ancient period to the Modern period..
  • 3rd Chapter The third chapter Geography
  • 4th Chapter The fourth chapter Indian Polity and Constitution
  • 5th Chapter-The fifth chapter Indian Economy provides avivid description of the topic matters concerned, adorned with lucid language and up-to-date information.
  • 6th ChapterThe sixth chapter in Physics.
  • 7th Chapter– The seventh chapter in Chemistry.
  • 8th Chapter The eighth chapter of Biology is well arranged and updated.
  • 9th Chapter The ninth chapter Miscellany may be a treasure of conventional public knowledge, which contains sorts of useful information including Firsts, Superlatives, Monuments, International Boundaries, National Emblems/Animals, News, UNO, and World Organisations, International Decades, Signs Symbols, Official books, Map Lines, Parliaments, Folk Dances, Musical Instruments, and their Exponents, Famous Places, Years and Weeks, Important Days,  India’s World Heritage Sites, Defense of India, Research Centres/Institutes, Crematorium, Nicknames, Awards and Honours, Books and Authors, Games and Sports, National Parks, etc.
  • 10th Chapter The tenth chapter Computer gives to the purpose and up-to-date information of the topic matter.

This book will definitely enhance the extent of public knowledge of the scholars and therefore the candidates of competitive examinations.

Product Specification

  • Author-Lucent
    expert team
  •  Language- English
  • Publisher-Lucent
  • Publication
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